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Since 2008, we have assembled a nice group of cross bred miniature cows. These crosses include Hereford, Lowline, Guinea Pineywoods, Miniature Shorthorn and Zebu. They suit our needs and meet our requirements of reasonable cost, low intake, ease of handling and care and will fit in our freezer when the time comes. Our herd now consists of a bull and ten cows/heifers and a few calves. Please let us know if you would like to be on our contact list for new calves. 

I recently discovered that the American Lowline Registery has started a type of breed-up program in the last year or two.  The program is described here, http://www.usa-lowline.org/moderator.html  We are officially searching for a new fullblood lowline bull.  We are going to try and locate one that is not too much bigger than our current cows.  I want something that will mature at 40-42 inches tall, with a nice level topline and good legs.  Ideally he will be black and carry a copy of the red gene.  This will allows us to have black, brindle and red calves from our current cattle herd. Once we  have a new bull and he nears breeding age, Cleburne will be for sale.


This is Willie.  He is a registered Lowline bull.  He took over breeding duties for Cleburne in the spring of 2014.  A few of his cows are pictured below,  but not all.  There are 20+ cows with him at this time.  Several of them are purebred zebu with the goal of a mini-brangus type calf.  
This is JuneBug. She was sired by a miniature Zebu bull and is out of a guinea Pineywoods cow.  The pineywoods is what the original spanish cattle became in southern AL, MS, GA and northern FL. They are very hardy, disease resistant and will eat stuff that others cows will not. 


Junebug's 2014 calf is pictured on the left.

This is Annabelle. She was sired by a Lowline bull and is out of a very small regular red Angus cow. Annabelle had a nice heifer for us in 2011. Annie is pictured a few lines down.
This is Penny. She was added to the herd in the fall of 2011.  I am not sure of her breeding, but she is very similar in size and conformation to our other cows.  She has already been bred by Cleburne and we are looking forward to her calf next fall.  
  On 5/7/14 Penny calved a pretty little red heifer.  This girl will be kept to breed to our new red lowline bull "Willie".  We have also retained Penny's heifer from last year.  She should already be bred to Willie.  
Lacy came to our farm during the summer of 2011.  She should be calving her 2014 calf soon.  
This is Annie. She was calved on 4/13/2011. She is sired by Cleburne and out of Annabelle. She will be staying here.  She is growing well and will be a good cow for us.
We made a trip back to TN later to pick up DD's dam Dallas.  She is supposed to be bred, so we are anxious to see what she will have.

She is pictured with her 2014 calf to the right.

This is Buttercup.  She was born Christmas Day 2011 at my cousin Kenneth's farm.  She is 3/4 miniature Hereford and 1/4 zebu.  She has become one of better cows.  
This is Cleburne, our bull. He was sired by a Lowline bull and out of a zebu cow.  So far we have been very pleased with his calves.  We bought him as a calf in 2008. I think he has matured well.

Cleburne was sold in March 2014.


A couple of his 2014 calves are pictured to the right.