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This page details our miniature dairy cows and breeding program. In late 2012, we purchased a 3/4 mini jersey heifer for Josey.  The pure mini jerseys are just too expensive for many homesteaders.  After much research we decided to begin crossbreeding mini jersey bulls to mini zebu, guinea pineywoods, corriente as well as a few other crossbred mini cows. As of late 2023 we have two breeding groups with about 25 cows each in them.  The crossbreds are more hardy due to hybrid vigor.  Our cattle are more affordable than most purebreds you will find for sale. 

We have also had a number of questions about why we choose to use zebu cows in the breeding up program.  There are a number of reasons, the zebu and/or jersey x zebu are/or will be :

  1. Most common and affordable miniature cow.  There are quite a few to choose from if you are willing to search for them and willing to travel to get them.
  2. They are heat tolerant.  This is a good trait to have in the Southeast.
  3. They will be less susceptible to mastitis and milk fever than standard size milk cows.
  4. They are parasite and disease resistant. As an animal for beginning farmers, it helps if they are not too fragile.
  5. Zebu or Brahman are milked in many parts of the world.
  6. The quantity of milk they produce will be more appropriate for most families.  Excess milk is excess feed that was used by the cows.
  7. They can use less than ideal forage.
  8. As proof of the concept..... http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/cattle/australianmilkingzebu/index.htm
  9. Zebu should all be A2/A2.  This is a desired characteristic for dairy animals. http://www.naturalnews.com/023752_cows_lactose_intolerance_casein.html

Points 2-7 would also apply to the Pineywood and Corriente heifers that we will also be using.


This is "Clover" the little girl that got us started down this path. She is 3/4 mini jersey, so when she is bred to a purebred bull,  the resulting calf will be 7/8.  She is Josey's cow.  He loved her to death and milked her through several lactations.  She had a pretty heifer in 2023 that we will be retaining.

This is DCM Remy, he was our first mini jersey bull. Remy came home on 2/9/13.  We used him for several years and still have some of his daughters.