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This page will list the bulls that we have used here on the farm over the years.  All have contributed to our success and continued learning. 

A bull truly is 1/2 your herd,  so select them carefully and get one with the traits that you want in all your calves.

This is Cleburne, our bull. He was sired by a Lowline bull and out of a zebu cow.  So far we have been very pleased with his calves.  We bought him as a calf in 2008. I think he has matured well.

Cleburne was sold in March 2014.


This is Willie.  He is a registered Lowline bull.  He took over breeding duties for Cleburne in the spring of 2014.   
This is DCM Remy, he was the foundation of our initial dairy herd. Remy is a line bred son of "Riverview Son of Fat Louie".  He helped us produce small well proportioned dairy cows that we still cherish today.

Remy came home on 2/9/13. 


This Doe Creeks Tango.  He replaced Remy as our dairy herd bull in the spring of 2016.  He is A1/A2.  Tango was a little larger than we really wanted,  so he didn't stay real long.  We do still have a few of his daughters in the herd though.
Harley replaced Tango as our dairy bull in the fall of 2017.  We really loved the little guy and and his calves.  Sadly in early 2021 he injured a hip and just couldn't get over it.  He was in pain and unable to cover his cows, so he was retired.  

Joseph came to the farm in the spring of 2020.  We put together a second breeding group of dairy type cows for him.  He is A2/A2 and the majority of the cows selected for him are thought to be.  Hopefully we can get them all tested in the next year or so.  Our original dairy group has been tested already. 


Primo came to the farm in the summer of 2021 to replace Harley with our original group of dairy type cows.  Primo is A2/A2.  We adding more and more of A2/A2 genetics to try and meet the demand for it in smaller homestead dairy cattle.