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The Bronco as it appeared when we first brought it home. It was a one owner vehicle, but needed a lot of TLC. The brakes were non existent and the shocks were totally shot.

Here it is with 2.5 inch lift. At this point, it has had a tune up, all belts and hoses replaced, new brakes and brake lines.
This is the new playmate for the Bronco. It is a 67 Serro Scotty. It is in fairly good shape. It needs a new plug for the lights, a few bulbs changed, a gas tank and inlet line replaced.  Josey really likes the camper. We had to spend the night in it in the yard.

We had our first trip with the Bronco and Camper the first weekend of December 2005. The Bronco and Camper made the 150 mile trip to and from with no problems. The new tank and inlet line had the stove, furnace and light  working as well. We had a great weekend. Notice that they have matching wheels now too. I hope to slowly restore both, with some upgrades along the way. I am currently planning to paint the camper and remodel the interior to match the Bronco.
We have began disassembly of the camper. We are removing the skin to repair a few small areas of water damage.  The damage doesn't appear to be too bad. The water inlet was a challenge to get loose, so much so that I gave up on removing it. I just rotated the skin around the pipe to work on damaged areas. .

 The damage really isn't as bad as I thought it was. I should have this area fixed soon. However, I found a few other areas that I didn't know about. If it were too easy, I don't guess it would be any fun.
The front corner has water damage. Rather than replace the entire front at this time, I am going to build a support to fit inside the front corner to attach the front to the side in the damaged area. There is also a strip across the bottom of the left side that is 1.75 inches wide that is soft.

Here it is all patched up. We replaced the strip across the bottom that was soft, installed the inside brace, replaced the small 2x across the front. The wood underneath that was undercoated was in such great shape, I thought that I would undercoat all of the patched areas to see if that will help them to last longer. Now it is time to start on the right side and the rear.
The bottom strips on the back and right  side including the area on each side of the door and  the panels that the tail lights mounted in  were all replaced and undercoated. The nail strips will have to be completely replaced, but there doesn't appear to be any other damage. 

Bubble foil will be used from front to back on the top, but we aren't planning to use it on the sides.
New wire has been ran for a fridge to replace the icebox and more bubble wrap added to the front.

I have removed the icebox, and fiberglass sink. I have already framed up the new cabinet front with a cut out for a small three way fridge. The cabinets doors have also been removed to get ready for paint.
We have cut a new countertop and made cut outs for stove and sink. New formica will be added after all the painting is completed.

The old floor covering has been removed the floor is ready for something new.  This was the most aggravating part of the rebuild so far. I am not sure what kind of glue they used, but it really worked well.
This is the access door for the controls for the new fridge. I will be putting the front skin back on soon. I think we are half way there now.

The front skin is back where it belongs. A new battery box, with metal locking bracket to keep it firmly in place, has been added. Thanks to my brother in law, Dale, for welding it up for us. All the old paint was stripped from the tongue and new hammertone silver applied.
We bought a canoe to go with the Bronco and Scotty this weekend. Josey really enjoyed riding in it Sunday afternoon.

Here are a few interior shots with the new paint. It is "Outrageous" green with black, white and hunter green splatter.  The old 110v light fixtures were disassembled, cleaned, painted, reassembled and reinstalled.

New 12v lights installed over the table and in bathroom. A 6 inch stainless 12v fan was also added.  A few hunting and fishing metal signs were also added.

The roof rack is an ebay purchase. It has 4 six inch off road lights. It should allow the canoe as well as other camping gear to be carried much easier, and with no more worries about bending the roof.
All the lights worked too. I finally added some tunes to the Bronco. The Pioneer Super Tuner III Cd player makes it much more fun to drive.

The camper is getting much closer.
We had new decals made with green lettering to match the rest of the camper.

The upper metal has been replaced, as well as storage door and drip rail.
All new exterior lights and reflectors have been installed. Scotty emblems were painted green and reinstalled.

The light is not very good in this picture, but maybe you can see that I have added formica to countertop. A new stove, sink, faucet and NOS handpump have been installed. I also used the formica to add splash guards on each side of the counter.

The sink and stove are shown a little better in this picture. There are 3 chores left in the restoration. Put the flooring down, rebuild and replace windows and door. Clean and replace the roof caps. It shouldn't take too long if I can just get in the shop and get after it.

We got the Bronco and the canoe out for a day on Little River.

Below are some pictures of the Bronco around Little River in the snow.