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The summer of 2006 was pretty dry, so we decided it was finally time to build the pond that we have been dreaming of. I don't remember if we have any pictures of actual construction, but here are some pictures of it afterwards.
 Josey gives Mr. Glen Adams a hand with his dozer as he is leaving after finishing the pond.  Josey wanted on any of the equipment every time it stopped.
Here are a few pictures two months after it was finished. I had already placed most of the big rock that were left out of the dam and back fill to be used as cover for the fish.  Don Hill and Daniel Morris contributed a few afternoons to assist with the dock. I appreciated the help. The pond was full by the end of December and fat head minnows, coppernose bluegill, shellcracker, bass and channel catfish were added.  
In the spring of 2007, an automatic feeder was added to feed the fish regularly. I was amazed at how fast they can grow.  We ate whole catfish during the summer of 2007, and filets in the summer of 2008. By 2008 the bluegill were also big enough to eat. We also found a few recipes to pressure cook catfish and bluegill. They were good with crackers, with mayo and pickles on a sandwich, or fried in patties like salmon. It took a long time and a lot of work to get the pond completed, but I think we will be enjoying it for years to come.  

It was so late when I got home with them that I couldn't get pictures, but on 2/7/12, 100 hybrid crappie from the Fish Wagon were added to the pond.