Shipping of kids and piglets.

Kids and piglets are small enough when weaned that they can be air shipped.  If shipped soon after weaning, two can be shipped in the same crate.  Lynn and I both work full time so we don't have the time to schedule flights, go get crates etc.... However, we want to offer shipping for those that would like to have kids or piglets, but aren't within driving distance.  We can air ship as long as the following criteria are meet and followed.

1. Flight should be scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday, so we don't have to miss work to get to the airport. If no weekend flight is available, we can only ship on a weekday, if you are willing to cover the missed day of work.

2. Flight should be from Huntsville AL airport.  You schedule and pay for flight or get COD terms. We have used Delta Cargo previously with no problems.  We recommend that you use them.  To book with Delta call 1-800-352-2746 no more than 14 days before departure. Their charge is $297 for up to 55 lbs. We have not used Chattanooga airport, but could if it worked better. NO SALE is worth driving to the Atlanta Airport.  I hate all that traffic.

3. You order pet carrier and airline travel kit. It should be dropped shipped to us. These are good ones that we have used.                             

4. Our charge to get kid/piglet to vet for any documentation or tests and to the airport is $200.

5. You are responsible for actual vet expenses.

6. Kid/piglet, item 4 and item 5 must all be paid in full prior to shipment.  This can be paid by paypal or check. If paying by check, we must have it early enough to allow 10 day for processing before shipment.

Adequate time must be allowed between selecting your kid/piglet and flight to allow for delivery of crate and for us to get to the vet.  The vet trip will need to be on a Saturday so that we don't miss work. So, it will generally be a week and half to two weeks between selection and flight. We are not trying to be difficult with shipping, but must be realistic with our time and it's value.  With full time jobs, two kids and all that the farm requires, we just don't have a lot of extra time.  If you have any questions about air shipping or if we can assist you in anyway, please let us know.