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We calve throughout the year. Please email if you would like to be on the contact list for new calves. 

Shipping of kids and piglets

We now accept Paypal ! please add the 3% processing fee to any paypal payments.

Please be aware that we post a number of free ads on the internet. It is not always possible to remove these after a animal is sold. An animal or price from older ads may no longer be available. Those animals and prices are available at the time the ad is placed. All prices and availability are subject to change without notification. I try to keep this web page current. Thanks for your understanding.

All sales are final. Unlike Wal-Mart, we are unable to take something back and sell it again tomorrow. Any and all deposits or payments are non-refundable as long as the animal is available.  If you change your mind, you forfeit your deposit.

I have had a number of questions about heifers...... Since only one male is needed for a number of females, the demand for females is generally higher.  The best way to get females is to buy a male from us.  When we have females available, they are offered to previous customers that have expressed an interest in additional females before they are offered to the public.

This handsome little bull was calved on 3/2/18.  He is out of a pure mini zebu cow. He is sired by our previous mini jersey bull Tango.  He is polled and should mature around 40 inches tall. .


This is CrookedHorn.  She has been an excellent momma cow for us,  but we must make more room for last years retained heifers.  She is pastured with our new Mini Jersey bull Harley.  She should be bred soon if she is not already.  She can stay until mid to late April to ensure that she gets bred.  She is a calm cow but not really a pet.  You can walk up to her,  but can't usually pet her. .


We had a new Lowline cross heifer calf  on 2/10/18. She is sired by our red Lowline bull, Willie. The cow she is out of is 1/2 mini jersey and came from my cousin Kenneth's farm.The cow,  and it appears the calf as well,  has some sort of dilution gene,  that makes them more of an orange color than the typical red.  This heifer should grow up to be a nice little momma cow. She would pair well with either of the bull calves listed below. She is for sale, $1500.



This Lowline x Zebu bull was calved on 1-31-18. He is sired by our red Lowline bull, Willie. He was bashful. I only got one good picture before they wandered off. He will be brindle colored. $1000.


This mini jersey x Zebu bull calf was calved at Kenneth’s farm weekending 12/23/17. He should be a good one. He is sired by our previous bull Remy. We have a cow and heifer from her and really like both.




This handsome bull calf arrived on 10/27/17.  He is sired by our mini jersey bull Tango and is out of a purebred zebu cow.  He is fawn except for the markings on his feet and the tip of his tail.  He should make a nice little dairy bull once he matures.




We had a new lowline x zebu bull calf on 8/18/17.  He is sired by our red lowline bull Willie.  He is out of one of our larger zebu cows.  He should mature into a nice sized mini bull. He will likely get the brindle stripping or tiger stripes as he matures.  We also have a few heifers like this if you wanted a starter package.


This lowline x zebu heifer calf was calved on 7/13/17.  She is sired by our red lowline bull, Willie.  I think she will develop the brindle stripes as she matures.  These lowline cross zebu heifers will make great long lasting momma cows, just like F1 brangus in large cattle.



My cousin Kenneth has one yearling bull calf that are sired by our previous bull Remy and is dam raised.  He is $750. 

If you wanted an unrelated pair,  getting this calf sired by Remy and a calf sired by our bull would do that for you.


Animals listed below are sale pending.

Animals listed below are sale pending.

Animals listed below are sale pending.

This is Ms.  Pope.  She calved in mid January.  She is open at the moment,  but should soon be bred to our new mini jersey bull Harley.  She can stay here until the end of March to ensure that she get bred back.  She has been a good cow for us,  but we need to make room for the heifers that we have retained over the last two years.

Sale pending.....

Bull calf calved on 1-30-18. This little guy is 3/4 Lowline and 1/4 red angus. His dam, Anna Belle, is one of our very best cows. He is going to make a great bull for someone.  $1250.

Sale pending......

This guinea pineywoods cow calved on  9/11/17.  Her calf is sale pending and old enough to wean now.  The cow should be bred back to our red lowline bull,  Willie,  by now. 

Cow is sale pending now too...


We have a new bull calf on 2/7/18. He is sired by our red Lowline bull, Willie. He is out of a 3/4 Lowline x 1/4 Zebu cow that was raised here. That makes him 7/8 Lowline x 1/8 Zebu. Being sired by Willie, he will have one red gene. So depending on cows he is bred to, he could sire red or black calves. He should make a very nice bull. He is for sale, $1000.

Sale Pending.....