Southdown Babydoll Sheep

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ALL of our sheep have been sold.
In January of 2009, we placed a deposit on 3 Babydoll sheep.  We think that they will fit in well here with our other miniature livestock. The plan is to wether one lamb each year for the freezer and sell the remaining lambs. We were very anxious to get these new babies home.  Plans sometimes change. When we went to pick up our sheep, there was a ram that someone had cancelled on and we brought him home too. We have a black pair and a white pair. They are still settling in, and are no longer afraid of the goats or pigs.

We have had some bad luck with our little sheep.  However, we have a new ewe lamb that was born on 4/3/2011.  We will be keeping her to add to our very small herd.

We have two more ewes reserved for 2012.  We should also have one or two lambs born here.  Hopefully, we will finally be on track with the sheep.  They are are very enjoyable little creatures.

On 3/8/12 we were greeted at the evening feeding by a pair of twin rams.  It was starting to rain and they were not too interested in standing still for pictures. 


One of these boys is headed to another Alabama farm and the other is headed to freezer camp.